Picture of GRUBER, AARONEL deROY, "Untitled"


AARONEL deROY GRUBER, "Untitled" Oil on Canvas, 26"x37" Abstract Comosition.
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AARONEL deROY GRUBER, "Untitled" Oil on Canvas, 26"x37" Abstract Comosition.
Upscale Gallery Strip Frame w/Linen Canvas Liner

Since her graduation from the Carnegie Institute of Technology, (now Carnegie Mellon)
Aaronel deRoy Gruber has been creating art-paintings, steel and Plexiglas sculptures,
and for many years, photographs.
Long known for her artistic vision, Aaronel employs photographic processes that range
from traditional methods to the latest in digital technology.  As Murray Horne of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and curator of Wood Street Galleries in Pittsburgh, PA, has said of her work, "There is a real lustrous-ness to it.  A real feeling for the extravagant, but it's not over the top."  
This lavish feel shines in Aaronel's striking photographs.  
Aaronel's work can be viewed in both regional and national exhibitions.  Her art is part
of the permanent collections of the Butler Institute of American Art, the Westmoreland
Museum of American Art, the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Frick Art Museum, the Palm Springs Art Museum, Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. and the Kawamura Museum of Modern Art in Japan.  

$1,200.00 (USD)