Picture of CHEN DE HUA


Chen De hua - Jinshan Peasant Painting, gouache on rice paper, 23x24
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Jinshan Peasant Painting is the Chinese folk art of southeastern Yangtze River area of Shanghai. The paintings are done by peasants, integrating the folk arts of printing and dyeing, embroidery, paper cutting, wood carving, and cook stove painting, and depict the peasant's colorful customs and daily life. This folk art was born in 1972, under the guidance of a professional painter Wu Tongzhang. A group of women who were good at embroidery and weaving used the paper as the cloth, the painting brush as the needle and created this rustic art. This folk art has been popular since late 1970s. Jinshan Peasant Painting made its international debut in the Expo 1980 in Brussels, Belgium.

Jinshan Peasant Painting Academy was founded in 1989. It has over a hundred peasant painters. More than 6000 pieces of peasant paintings have been exhibited in China and some 20 countries, over 300 pieces are collected by national galleries such as Chinese Art Gallery, and the Research Institute of Chinese Paintings.

Jinshan was recognized as "the hometown of modern folk art".

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