Picture of GRUBER, AARONEL deROY (1918-2011)

GRUBER, AARONEL deROY (1918-2011)

AARONEL deROY GRUBER ( 1918-2011 )
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Aaronel deRoy Gruber, a prominent Pittsburgh artist, turned to making sculpture in the early 1960s at the urging of fellow artist, David Smith. This exhibition highlights the artist’s sculpture exploration, from welded steel and formed aluminum to shaping Plexiglas into colorful vacuum-formed pieces that are both illuminated and motorized. Gruber embarked on her more than six-decade career working in two-dimensions on canvas that quickly evolved into three-dimensional shaped canvases. It was a natural evolution for the artist whose inquisitive nature led her to continually adapt her medium and working method from painting to sculpture, from photography to video over the course of her career. While this exhibition focuses on Aaronel’s foray into the sculpture medium, examples of her painting, photography and video will also be included to show her evolution as an artist. Although Aaronel passed away in 2011, she is remembered for her tenacity as an artist and as a vital member of the art community who never failed to surprise us with her ongoing search for new ways to express herself.


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